I was just able to finish this piece with about 7 hours to spare for a deadline to enter a contest being held on DeviantArt. The goal for applicants was to create a piece of art inspired by the latest Tomb Raider game that, if selected, could be used as a print for the game’s promotion.

The contest lasted about a month I believe, but I didn’t find out about it until 3 days ago, so to be able to submit something I’m happy with was a BIG accomplishment.

The time frame wasn’t the only obstacle I encountered. I also ran into the misfortune of an airbrush malfunction, and had to spend several hours and a trip to Lowe’s for parts to get my gun to finally spray consistently enough to use.

Winning a prize for this contest would obviously be amazing, but honestly I’m just proud to think that I was able to complete it when there were several reasons for me to give up. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Jeff Lafferty says:

    Nice!!! Turned out great Brandon!


    1. Brandon says:

      Thanks Jeff!

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