Here’s a piece that I had to start and finish this weekend. It’s 11″ x 17″ acrylic and pencil on illustration board and it’s part of a series of Star Trek captains I plan on doing.

For the past several months I have worked exclusively in oil. The paint setup, materials used, and method to paint differs drastically from the acrylic airbrushing I’ve done over past 4 or 5 years. I enjoy both, but lately I have really missed the ability to start and finish a piece in a short amount of time. Oils take at least 24 hours inbetween layers to dry, and after 7 or 8 layers, it becomes a month long project that loses my interest. I miss being able to see a piece to completion. This particular piece was done from conception to completion in 4 days! They were very long, very tiring days, but they were also fun and exhilarating.

The inspiration to start this particular series has been the shows that I choose to watch during my breaks and down time. I’ve never been a Trekkie, I tried watching it when I was younger but never got into it. I decided to give Deep Space Nine a chance via Netflix, and soon warmed up to the quirky characters and interesting plots. Once I finished all 7 seasons I moved on to Voyager and was even more pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the cast and characters. I had to do a painting, and I hope the next few go as well as this did. I hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Jeff Lafferty says:

    Awesome piece Brandon, funny I’ve been going back through the old Voyager episodes too lately.

    I love the oils, but wow you killed it on this piece

    - Jeff

    1. Brandon says:

      Thanks Jeff, you are a good friend and a true inspiration to me as an artist with a lot of skill.

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