Color Scheme Designer

I thought I’d share this incredibly useful website called Color Scheme Designer. For those who have taken color theory you know there are a lot of different color schemes and theories that can be harmonious, such as complementary or analogical colors. This website is really nice when you’re trying to figure out a good color scheme for a painting, logo, website, etc.

It works by either selecting a color from the wheel, or typing in the number code, then choosing a scheme. The site then displays the exact color your looking for as well as providing the number code. For example, say I want to work in a triadic color scheme, and I want the primary color to be green. I enter that information and the wheel then shows me two colors along with different shades that will work in a triadic color scheme. You can also choose to slide one of the secondary colors and the third will adjust accordingly. Give it a shot here.

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